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A Little Nibble Bit:
Mine New Company

Happy says...Willkommen to WolffBytes

Hi, this is Dan Wolff
I am CEO of
Mine Any Shoe


I am proud to announce that...

Enee Foo Shu Co. LTD.

 Have brought to the marketplace a brand new shoe.

Mine Any Shoe

This new, unique shoe, can be worn comfortably on either foot.

I personally guarantee, if you are an active male with carnal desires, that this could be the most practical shoe you have ever worn.


I want to thank you for being carnal and to share with you a promotional ad and description that my Chinese counterparts have written for out product page on Amazon.


In  hurry, leave, because he coming his home place?
No matter you go fast need to not look which shoe go where.
Just you grab shoes, put on, run fast!

Never again you think about put left on left and right same.

Our shoe made for speed.
Even stay on when you fast run.
______Straight Line
         Mine Any Shoe
         "Any Shoe Will Do"
          Designed by...
   Wolff Enterprises
   Manufactured by...
  Enee Foo Shu Co. LTD.
      Xianchen, China


When I first thought this up I was anxious to get the product on the market so at first Mine Any Shoe offered a choice in shoe design.

Either two left shoes or two right.

The choice of design would be up to the customer.


Well, that did not work out so good because in the first month we were hit with three huge lawsuits brought by distraught family members.

One of the guys that bought the left shoes went out of control on his rapid run home. At the very beginning of the run he ran off course and into the street where he was run over 

by a cement truck.  Messy! Pictures, even a video that went viral. Big time Bucks!

Then, about two weeks later a customer for two right shoes ran into the street and was struck by a taxi cab. He died at the scene of the mishap. All we knew at that time was that he started out from the same location but lived in an opposite direction of the first guy.


A few days later another of our customers ran through a store front plate glass window. He was cut to smithereens and died on the way to the hospital.

As strange as it may seem, he also started out from the same location.


It took a while to figure that one out. It was under investigation for almost a month by my design engineers


Our new straight sole Mine Any Shoe design is completely unique and we have not had any problems with it.


Thanks again, and

God Bless!


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