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A Little Nibble Bit:
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Greater Than Money
Pretty clear to me that a split in NATO will quite possibly be a future reality.
It is being aggravated by the enigmatic actions of President Trump.
The Trump enigma is not caused so much by what Trump accomplishes but more so by the near incongruous manner in which he seeks to attain change and the final results. Some good, some bad, while still others are very bad. At present NATO stands in the limelight!
Sometimes Trump's claims lack veracity, but still are not valueless when they are compared to a bigger picture, namely the United States and what we think and more importantly what we spend on everything.
President Trump boldly claims that our share of the of the NATO budget is up to as high as 90%
Obviously, if you look at the figures given freely by NATO that figure is false.
The United States Share of the cost is right around 22% for the 29 members North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
(That title is a goodly stretch of geography when you consider that Turkey is a NATO member. Pretty far distant from the North Atlantic. The stretch is facilitated by Turkey's consent to allow US air bases and missile bases in their country. A strategic advantage for the United States Military)
Trump is money oriented so that figure of 90% is accurate when you give consideration as to what the United States Spends on Military Supremacy in comparison with what other NATO members spend on their own modest military budgets.
Trump wants the NATO members to spend more on their own defenses.
On the same podium so to speak, he condemns members for their proprietary efforts to bring about a European system of strategic enablers.
That is a plan being pushed for some time by Biscop of France.
It is possible that the French involvement in Mali may have served as the catalyst for that plan.
If Biscop's plan is successful in spite of Trump's out of step criticism it is certain that American defense contractors will be devastated.
It is only logical to assume that European governments will favor European defense contractors over those in the US.
Many Europeans favor the plan as the most viable way to level the playing field and to put a check on the military dominance of the United States.
No longer will we be the only kid on the block with muscle.
No longer will we be in control of advanced technology.
How much of that will we be willing to sell or provide to other nations or purported allies during a crisis?
Who shall have the BOMB? While others may have only the desire for the BOMB, while for only that desire being constantly intimidated by the United States.
If Trump is successful in his corporate approach to the NATO criticism, then everybody can have their very own BOMB, maybe even a really bigger better BOMB!
The non-proliferation agreement will have met a mid-life crisis.
I hope that the President is up to speed on the shift of the Military Zone or band of control to the South. For the past 15 years or so, it has been migrating to the South, concentrating on Sub-Saharan Africa and that portion of middle Asia and the Far East.
In regards to Sub-Sahara Africa, there has been an outstanding increase in the younger working population.
Some stats would indicate that in the last decade that group has tripled in size, and that means those young people will be migrating to tired old European soil for jobs and opportunities. Alas, there may be little of anything as the ravages of climate change, civil conflicts and general discord and discontent will be the only rewards.
It could be that a split in NATO will ultimately see the devastation of Europe in the not too distant future.
Without a doubt, if the Trump corporate approach to an improved bottom line NATO results in the establishment of a firm organization of strategic enablers the main topic of discussion for those new member nations will be Africa.
Clearly, the NATO talks and meetings are not all about money. Maybe they should be, and maybe because well enough NATO is dynamic and because a majority of Americans believe that our sovereignty is preserved by our present military superiority we should leave well enough alone.

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