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A Little Nibble Bit:
Love, Hate, and...the Law
A mind modem connected to the epicure of belief.

"Is it possible to foster hate while embracing love?
Is it even possible to hate hatred?
Is it ever possible to love one part, while having hate for the other?
To say that the opposite of love is hatred is a false assumption.
True love in all of its forms is a total inoculate of the soul.
It has no healthy mental counterpart and is instead, the wellspring of philosophic solipsism.
Yet still, as we stand suffused in this mighty cloak of goodness our daily life becomes miraculously infectious. Others that we encounter and so infect shall continue the pandemic of unrestrained righteousness.
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Hatred as an entity is only recognized by its opposition to the guidelines that are written in the various books of moral rectitude. It will ultimately destroy itself or be destroyed by law.
Hatred is containable for the fact that it can be countered by law.
Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to say that law is rightfully the opposite of hate.
The opposite of true love is total emotional sterility and spiritual indifference. Such deprivations would prevent us from accepting the thought that our creation may be an eternal process.
"As the righteous revivalists pervade society they should love the law to make better of it."
                              -Daniel E. Wolff
 "The failure to invest in civil justice is directly related to the increase in criminal disorder.
The more people feel there is injustice the more it becomes part of their psyche."
-Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling


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