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Old Glory!
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A Little Nibble Bit:
New Year's Eve
-'Round The World-
How can we be sure that it really is 2018?
What if it isn't, what if it really is 2088,
or 2100? Think about it for a second or two.
The government has been lying to us.
We are all dead already that is why they
are SO STINGY with those increases in our SS benefits.
Why in the heck did I bother to shave?
To change the subject to something much more conducive to the joy and merriment of the season, let me ask a question.
Did anyone see the New year celebration from
Tel Aviv Israel?
It was really something different.
At the stroke of Midnight on the giant sundial located
in the public square, a bag of Shekels was released
and very slowly slid down the stiff body of a dead Muslim.
When the bag hit the sand the National Chorus and the
crowds shouted out in precise unison....
Happy Jew Year!
That was the cue for the National Chorus.
They broke into spirited song with a really hot version of
Hava nagia, as arranged by Dov Seltzer.
Háva nagíla, háva nagíla,
Háva nagíla, venismechá.
When they got to the verse...
Úru, achím, belév saméach. 
The dead Muslim man miraculously came to life
and joined the Jews in joy.
Let me tell you, it was a sight to behold.
A wonderful telecast.
I am sorry if any of you missed it.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the reporter
covering the event was one of my favorites, Moyshe ben Mendel.
An undisclosed source informed me that Moyshe is a shirt-tail
relative of CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
Moyshe mentioned that a group of messianic Jews could
not attend the New Year celebration because they were
stranded on the second floor of their sanctuary.
It was reported that the Elevator in the building was out of order. So the group was passing the time by playing Bingo.
At last report, El Elevator was working to resolve the problem.
It will be a slow process because El Elevator is concerned with and provides tight security on all of their vertical conveyances. Profiling is used but is of limited value because Muslims and Jews are predominately hirsute.
I know this to be true since I was once stopped from boarding an
El  Elevator in the Azrieli Sarona Tower that was going to 4 and then non-stop to 53.
I now avoid this nuisance by shaving my beard and chest before boarding.
We have had some satirical fun, now let's get serious!
Here you will find an interesting teaching  declaring
that Jesus, (Yeshua) was God in the spirit and the flesh.
Do not be alarmed by the news report, this was first
published in March of 2016.
I pray that you all have a wonderful year filled with wonderment provided by as yet undisclosed gifts.
Lest we forget the giver of all.
Bless us, O Lord, throughout this new year and for the many gifts which we will receive from thy bounty...through Christ our Lord.

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