Old Glory!
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A Little Nibble Bit:
I went for a walk.
It is a normal thing for me to do and I do it once a year in order
that I retain strength in my legs.
 On this day's annual sojourn I found myself in need of rest
at almost a full city block distance from my abode.
I raised my head and was quite delighted to see that in a few brief paces I would be rewarded with a refreshing interlude in a convenient bus stop waiting station.
It provided partial shelter from the elements with glass walls and ceiling above. I settled myself on the wooden bench therein.
I was alone, and when such solace is mine it grants me time to meditate and to conjure up visions in my mind's eye of images and conditions of a Para-reality. I thought of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury and how they may have enjoyed such a structure
had one been so conveniently provided?
I closed my eyes and imagined that I was a king seated in a crystal palace. I was a monarch that was about to give audience to my many subjects that would vent their grievances and requests.
While meditating on what I could expect this day I was sharply alerted to my pending duties by a crisp loud bark.
My eyes opened wide and there before me on the sidewalk lay a solitary barking earthworm. He was stretched in subjugated servitude to his full extent. I mused that not all of his observed fealty was in respect for me but rather more so to his failed journey across the dry concrete.
I gave him a knowing look of reassurance and was greeted with a series of loud barks. as if he knew full well of my wisdom and benevolence. So vociferous was his response, that each resounded off the glass walls of my palace panes.
I considered, why the sharply punctuated felicitations, and why had he chosen me to hear his passionate plea?
Suddenly, the reason for his distress and the solution thereof came to me.
I wisely ascertained that he was barking because he could not reach the cool moist earth that would envelop, protect, and nourish him.
With noble grace, I arose from the mercy seat and gave him the last understanding gaze, and without further hesitation or regard for my kingly station I stepped forward less than a gauntlets length and raised my right foot and with the noble boot thereon,
I stomped that mercy seeking worm into a flattened meaty strip.
I looked down one final time and observed that one end was wiggling still. Having no idea whether it was the barking end or the wind breaking end, I directed one final stomp upon that
wayward wiggle.
Entirely gratified by my experiences on this yearly pilgrimage and the benefits that I would derive from my wormly works...
I went home.

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