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A Little Nibble Bit:
To Mask or...
Not to Mask...
That might still be a...

Happy says...Willkommen to WolffBytes

The mask is the fib-leaf for the face, it is our 'armband' of loyalty to the cause! It tells our fellow citizen that we are one of those sheep that could be shedding or that we think he might be shedding in kind.
In essence we no longer trust the world. What world?
If God had intended that we should be equipped with a mask he would
have put it in our genetic code.
So here is my spin on things.
The better snozz and mouth muggers are the *N-95's.
That type of mask when manufactured to stringent specification can catch particles as tiny as the coronavirus according to some studies.
They are 95% effective.
None catch all.
 I am now at great distance from a college lab so I am not able to test.
It is always a good feeling to be able to see stats that you can trust.
One thing is for sure from what I have observed....people wearing masks in active situations tend to touch it and the face when readjusting. Some folks cheat and reach under with a digit to itch it.
It is not hard to imagine that none of the masks fit us like a diving helmet and there is leakage around the sides. 
The Bewildered Biden Side-Dangle of the respiratory appliance is
a no go for sure!
Maybe we need an outfit like **The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.
In my opinion the simple paper pedestrian types stop nothing, and the surgical types are also pretty ineffective.
N-95 is the way to go if you are going public with yourself.
There is also the consideration for who is protecting who?
A case for the incoming and outgoing particles and pathogen content therein.
If you are sick, then you need to protect others from your own secretions that contain active virus...these can be larger particles that contain the unseen enemy of doom.
In that regard the mask is a winner but if you are a really sick sheep that is shedding then you should stay home or seek medical aid.
The Rock and The Hard Place
Are we being unfairly held captive?
Unlike the boy in the bubble most of us do have a natural immune system. It is possible that we are comprimising the ability to reject other types of pathogens because of constant isolation and avoidance of all other viruses. We are making what could be a serious trade one that could be a deadly deal.
We should also note that the mask does help greatly in protecting us from a rather nasty novel influenza that is out there. Catching that along with the Covid-19 could be potentially fatal.
Not since 2018 have we observed any novel influenza viruses but this week, a child in Hawaii tested positive for the A(H3N2)-
variant (A(H3N2)v) virus. The patient was a young person < 18 years.
The subject was not hospitalized, and has recovered from their illness.
The CDC is reporting that no exposure to swine flu has been reported to date. The CDC information tells us that there is an ongoing investigation as to the source of the of this identfied infection.
The CDC also advises that this is the first influenza A(H3N2)v virus infection detected in the United States since 2018.
Does it make you wonder where it came from, and could this be the new phase of our pandemic dilemma?
The Covid-19
How Big Are Those Little Buggers?
Here are some stats for the sizes of the coronavirus.
0.125 microns (125 nm). The smallest particles are 0.06 microns, and the largest are 0.14 microns.
Some of the test results that I see on the N-95 Mask indicate that it can block pathogen particles that are 0.3 Microns in size.
In a word, insufficient.
But our medical wise ones advise...
"Wash your hands with soap...you should also use water.
Scrub for a minimum of twenty seconds"
"Avoid public sex"
and if that is not possible...
"Wear a Mask!"
Somehow, this is starting to make sense.
Hail to Victory!

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